Join us to support Washington’s kids.

Every student counts. Our moment is now.

We have the opportunity to change the future for Washington kids.
Five years ago, the Washington Supreme Court issued the McCleary decision, declaring that our education system was failing to meet its constitutional mandate to provide every student the opportunity for a great education. Now, state legislators are working to fix the issue – but the question before them is ‘how?’ This isn’t just an issue of our kids’ futures, but the economic future of our state. Washington’s future depends on an educated and diverse workforce that can carry our state into the 21st century. We must take action now.

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We want to hear from you and carry your voice to the state legislature. Our legislators want to do the right thing, but they need to hear from you to do it. Together, we can stand up for students and ensure every kid in Washington state receives a great education.

The question is simple: Fund the system or fund the students? These policy changes put kids first: #WAleg #McCleary