What if we had the opportunity to reimagine education in Washington State?

We do.

In 2012, the courts ruled that Washington’s education system was unfair and failing to meet its constitutional mandate to provide all kids with the opportunity for a great education. Today, our state education system continues to be unfair and unequal despite the court’s demands.

Over the next few months, Washingtonians have the opportunity to fundamentally change the future of our state by acting to put Washington on a path that closes the achievement and opportunity gaps. It’s a path that will bring success to current and future generations of students and prosperity to our state.

Our state legislators can create equal opportunity for our kids, and our coalition is urging them to create a sustainable solution based on three key pillars:

  • Funding & Fairness: Sufficient funding must also be equitable and fair, meaning we must support those students who need it most; 

  • Talent: Educator compensation must be funded with a focus on equity, growing the pipeline of excellent educators and matching them with students who need the most help; 

  • Accountability: Funding and talent must be accompanied by a robust accountability system that sets clear goals, tracks progress over time, and provides appropriate supports and programs for under-performing schools and struggling students.

This is the chance to right an unfair system that fails too many of our kids, and create the opportunity to compete in our economy and participate in our democracy.

Across the nation, states and communities are grappling with how to deliver on the promise of education as the path to success. Here in Washington, we actually have the chance to reshape how we create opportunity.

Our moment is now. What kind of message do we want to send about our Washington values?

It’s time to stand up for what’s right and make sure every student in Washington State receives a fair education.