What is the Campaign for Student Success?

A coalition effort to ensure all students in Washington are provided a quality education that prepares them for school, career and life.


Who is part of the Campaign for Student Success coalition?

The coalition is made up of a diverse range of fighters for equity, education advocates and community leaders, all of whom believe Washington students and families deserve more from our public education system. Collectively, the coalition sees McCleary as a unique demand to positively impact public education on behalf of Washington kids.


What is McCleary?

McCleary v. State of Washington, known in short as McCleary, is a lawsuit filed in 2007 on behalf of two families against the State of Washington for not meeting its constitutional obligation to amply fund public education. In 2012, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that our state’s education system was unfair and failing to meet its constitutional mandate to provide a quality education to all students. Since the 2012 ruling, the legislature has not taken on the toughest challenges posed by McCleary.


What is the Campaign for Student Success doing about McCleary?

The coalition is urging Washington's elected officials to craft a thoughtful and student-focused solution to McCleary. We are working tirelessly to ensure that what’s best for kids is reflected in any and all policies that respond to the McCleary case. We believe in – and are fighting for – a fair public education system that works for all kids.  We are advocating for a sustainable solution based on three key pillars:


  • Funding & Fairness: Sufficient funding must also be equitable and fair, meaning we must support those students who need it most; 

  • Talent: Educator compensation must be funded with a focus on equity, growing the pipeline of excellent educators and matching them with students who need the most help; 

  • Accountability: Funding and talent must be accompanied by a robust accountability system that sets clear goals, tracks progress over time, and provides appropriate supports and programs for under-performing schools and struggling students.


Why now?

Five years have passed since the courts ruled in McCleary that our education system was failing to meet its constitutional mandate to provide the opportunity for a great education to every student. It's time for the legislature to act. We cannot be content with letting our state fall behind or achievement gaps persist. Without action, we won’t have the public education system necessary to produce the well-educated, diverse and career-ready workforce our state’s economic future depends on.

The Washington State Legislature is required to solve this issue by 2018, which means this upcoming legislative session is our final moment to act. The stars are aligned in Olympia to make real change. Our kids’ future – and future of our state – depends on it.

What is the Campaign for Student Success’s vision for public education in Washington?

The Campaign for Students Success envisions a public education system in which every child, regardless of background, can and will succeed. Our coalition knows we can build a world-class public education system that provides all students a fair and equal opportunity to learn, successfully compete in the economy and participate in our democracy. Every policy and decision relating to McCleary must answer the question: What’s best for Washington kids?


How do I contact the Campaign for Student Success?

For more information on our Coalition, please contact info@WAStudentSuccess.org. Also, stay engaged by signing up for our email alerts below!